Friday, October 15, 2010

Modifyig DELL BIOS Parameters using Task Sequences

Before to deploy OS on new DELL machine (Latitude, Precision) using Task Sequence in SCCM, BIOS can be configured with desired parameters.
This can be done using Dell Business Client Deployment Pack for SCCM .

This software can be downloaded from:

After the installations of Dell Business Client Deployment Pack for SCCM on SCCM 2007 R2 Server or on computer where SCCM Console is installed, GUI Bare Metal Client Deploymens is integrated in SCCM Console.

There are two main modifications added in Task Sequence template; DiskPart clean and Set BIOS Config x86_64

To modify BIOS configuration before to install OS Set BIOS Config x86_64(ini file) can be used. Using Configuration file/Comand line parameters we can modify parameters, save them in customized INI file and deploy it with New Operating System Task Sequence.

In this case Wake On LAN is enabled into the ini file.

This BIOS setting will be applied on the machine before OS to be installed.

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