Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Failed to download updates to the WUAgent datastore. Error = 0x800b0109.

This error has been shown on C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\Logs\WUAHandler.log.

This issue happens when Adobe Flash Player has been assigned by SCCM 2007 Software Update to target computer but the installation always failed.

The configuration is: SCUP 4.5 and SCCM 2007 are installed on same server, WSUS Self-Signed certificate created, issued and imported in Trusted Publishers and Trusted Root Certification Authorities in certificate store on Local Computer.

Solution for this is to import WSUS Self signed certificate to the local computer Trusted Publishers and Trusted Root Certification Authorities and to change this setting in GPO.
For that reason create a GPO which will import this certificate and enable Allow signed updates from an internet Microsoft update service location.

After this modification and GPO applying Adobe Flash Player has been installed successfully.


  1. Hello Tom,

    I administer a child site, would I need to get the cert from the wsus server at top of our tree to test this?

  2. Fantastic! I didn't see anything about the Root CA on any of the SCUP guides & MS sites I looked at.



  3. Great! The setting for Windows Update was missing at our location; after completing it worked on System Center 2012!
    THX a lot!