Friday, August 5, 2011

Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' to IP address from WINS. LSGetAssignedSiteFromSLP : Unable to get the list of SLPs

When you try to assign SCCM Site Code using Discovery button on SCCM Client there are errors in LocationService.log

Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' to IP address from WINS.
LSGetAssignedSiteFromSLP : Unable to get the list of SLPs

In order to resolve these errors on domain controller WINS Server should be installed and WINS SLP parameters configured.
Here is the procedure for manually configuring WINS SLP parameters:
On DC where WINS Server already was configured in CMD run netsh.

Type wins and press Enter.
Connect to the WINS server using: server \\ip address where ip address is ip adress of WINS server.
Type add name Name=SMS_SLP endchar=1A rectype=0 ip={ server locator point IP address }
where server locator point IP address is SCCM server's IP address.
To verify that you entered correct data for SLP in your WINS Server type this command:
show name Name=SMS_SLP endchar=1A

Next step is to configure WINS server in your network card TCP/IP properties or if there is DHCP in the network to configure WINS parameter in DHCP server.

Now if you try to add Internet SCCM based client to SCCM site code specifying DNS Sufix and click Discover in few seconds SMS Site Code will be discovered successfully. Same scenario is for workgroup computers belonging to different AD forest and managing by SCCM in other forest. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remove SCCM Child Primary Site

MTS - Primary Central Site
SEC - Secondary Site
MT1 - Child Primary Site

Pictures below show on SCCM Child Primary console that Computer Collections and Native SCCM Central Site Software Deployment Packages and Advertisements are locked out.

Here is the  procedure how to remove MT1 SCCM Child Primary Site from its MTS SCCM Parent Site.
First step is to delete MT1 child site address from MTS Parent Site via SCCM console.

Next step is to execute Preinst.exe which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386\00000409 folder:

Executing Preinst /dump shows SCCM sites in SCCM Parent Central Site. The target is to remove MT1 Child Primary Site.

Delete jobs for MT1 site: Preinst /deljob MT1

Delete MT1 site: Preinst /delSITE MT1 MTS

Execute again Preinst /deljob MT1 to delete any job in meantime

Executing again Preinst /dump comand shows that MT1 Child Primary Site has been removed from SCCM Parent site.

On SCCM Child Primary Server Console remove settings from Report to parent site to Central site

Finaly you can see that all locked out items have been removed. All Software deployments packages, Advertisments, OS deployment packages, and Task Sequences have been inherited form SCCM Parent site into SCCM Child Site and can be modified.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Failed to successfully complete HTTP request. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 404)

When you try to install SCCM Client in ccmsetup.log file on local machine you are getting the following error:

Failed to successfully complete HTTP request. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 404)
A Fallback Status Point has not been specified.  Message with STATEID='308' will not be sent.

To resolve the issue WebDav on SCCM's IIS WebDav should be configured.
Here is the way how to configure Web DAV settings:
Change the settings as is shown on the picture, Click Apply and after click on WebDAV Authoring Rule.

Configure Authoring Rule as is shown on the picture and click OK.

If you have still the same issue then remove Management Point and install it again.