Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BitLocker and repair-bde

In a case of  HDD damaging and failing BitLocker Encryption where the status of the partition is unknown then repair-bde command for recovering folders and files can be used on Windows 7.

For testing purposes I was repairing D: partition using repair-bde D: U: -rp (BitLocker Recoverry password) -Force

The content of D: was restored to U: partition which is external drive.
-rp switch is BitLocker Recovery Password.
 -Force is switch to force moving files from D: to U: because they are locked.

repair-bde usage:

repair-bde[.exe] InputVolume
                  { OutputVolumeOrImage | {-NoOutputVolume|-nov} }
                  { {-RecoveryPassword|-rp} NumericalPassword |
                    {-RecoveryKey|-rk} PathToExternalKeyFile }
                  [{-KeyPackage|-kp} PathToKeyPackage]
                  [{-LogFile|-lf} PathToLogFile]

  Attempts to repair or decrypt a damaged BitLocker-encrypted volume using th
  supplied recovery information.

  WARNING! To avoid additional data loss, you should have a spare hard drive
  available. Use this spare drive to store decrypted output or to back up the
  contents of the damaged volume.

                The BitLocker-encrypted volume to repair. Example: "C:".

                Optional. The volume to store decrypted contents, or the file
                location to create an image file of the contents.
                Examples: "D:", "D:\imagefile.img".

                WARNING! All information on this output volume will be

  -nov or -NoOutputVolume
                Attempt to repair a BitLocker-encrypted volume by modifying t
                boot sector to point to a valid copy of BitLocker metadata.

                WARNING! To avoid additional data loss, use a sector backup
                utility to back up the input volume before using this option.
                If you do not have such a utility available, specify an outpu
                volume or image instead.

  -rk  or -RecoveryKey
                Provide an external key to unlock the volume.
                Example: "F:\RecoveryKey.bek".

  -rp  or -RecoveryPassword
                Provide a numerical password to unlock the volume.
                Example: "111111-222222-333333-...".

  -kp  or -KeyPackage
                Optional. Provide a key package to unlock the volume.
                Example: "F:\ExportedKeyPackage"

            If this option is blank, the tool will look for the key package
            automatically. This option is needed only if required by the tool

  -lf  or -LogFile
                Optional. Provide a path to a file that will store progress
                information. Example: "F:\log.txt".

  -f   or -Force
                Optional. When used, forces a volume to be dismounted even if
                it cannot be locked. This option is needed only if required b
                the tool.

  -?   or /?
                Shows this screen.

  repair-bde C: -NoOutputVolume -rk F:\RecoveryKey.bek -Force
  repair-bde C: D: -rp 111111-222222-[...] -lf F:\log.txt
  repair-bde C: D: -kp F:\KeyPackage -rp 111111-222222-[...]
  repair-bde C: D:\imagefile.img -kp F:\KeyPackage -rk F:\RecoveryKey.bek

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