Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desired Configuration Management: Software Distribution to Dynamic Computer Collection based on Compliant Status - Part 3

This article continues from Part 2 

Next Step to finish our Software distribution Scenario for Computers which are Non-Compliant based on DCM status is to apply SCCM ForeFront Client Software Package on previously created Dynamic Computer Collection:  System: DCM Dynamic Computer Collection.

Using this SCCM configuration ForeFront Client will be installed on those computers.

When next refresh interval for DCM Configuration Baseline will check the status of those computers it will show that the status now is Compliant.

That automatically means that these computers will automatically disappeared from Dynamic Computer Collection:  System: DCM Dynamic Computer Collection and no more any SCCM Software Package will be applied.

This is a good way using Desired Configuration Management feature from SCCM to keep up-to-date installed software on domain computers .  

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