Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deploying 3ds Max 2009 using SCCM 2007 R2

Creating of Customized Network deployment of 3ds Max is described on AutoDesk web site:


When the creation of Network Deployment is done a shortcut 3dsmax_2009.ini is created.

Click on it will allow 3ds Max to be installed in silent mode (if silent mode is specified during network deployment creation).

This shortcut points to the subfolder AdminImage which call setup.exe, use switch /I and 3Dsmax_2009.ini file created by Network deployment procedure.

setup.exe /I 3Dsmax_2009.ini

setup.exe and 3dsmax_2009.ini contains network UNC path where they are physically located.

\\server\share\3dsmax_2009\AdminImage\setup.exe /I \\server\share\3dsmax_2009\AdminImage\3dsmax_2009.ini

Using this syntax  SCCM package can be created and 3ds Max 2009 will be successfully deployed:

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