Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SCCM client cannot be pushed by SCCM Install Client Wizard

When I try to install SCCM client using SCCM Wizard in ccm.log file on SCCM 2007 server I'm receiving this error:

---> Failed to connect to \\TEST-WIN7-64-02\admin$ using machine account (5)
---> ERROR: Failed to connect to the \\TEST-WIN7-64-02\admin$ share using account 'Machine Account'
---> ERROR: Unable to access target machine for request: "VBMIPZAY", machine name: "TEST-WIN7-64-02", access denied or invalid network path.

SCCM must use an account which have local admin privileges on the target machine.
This can be done in SCCM Console, Client Installation Methods, right click on Client Push Installation and on Accounts tab enter admin user account.

Note: You do not need to enable "Enable Client Push Installation to assigned resources" to use SCCM Client Install Wizard.


  1. Thank u.... instead i had forgotten this step.. in the configuration

  2. This was the perfect solution for my problem. I have been to many places and forums but didn't find anything accurate like this.

    Thanks so much