Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remove Office 2007 Pro

In order to remove Office 2007 Pro from your machine you need to use .xml file wich contain Product key of the Office 2007 Pro.


''configuration product="{90120000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}">

''display level="none" completionnotice="no" suppressmodal="yes" accepteula="yes">

''setting id="SETUP_REBOOT" value="NEVER">


Copy these lines, instead '' at the begining of each line put < and save this file as: SilentUninstallConfig.xml

Configuration product is in setup.xml in ProPlus.WW folder.

After that you can execute this command:

setup.exe /config SilentUninstallConfig.xml /uninstall ProPlus

setup.exe and SilentUninstallConfig.xml should be accesible from the point where you execute this command.


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  2. I tried this, exactly as you said - but, first off, you NEVER said WHERE to place the SilentUninstallConfig.xml file. Clearly, in other Internet examples, it is in the ProPlus.WW directory. ALSO, IT DOES *NOT* STOP THE REBOOT! I saw someone else post that the "SETUP_REBOOT = NEVER" does not stop thereboot, and that does seem to be the case.

    So I made a SilentUninstallConfig.xml file, placed it in the ProPlus.WW folder, and ran the uninstall command that you mentioned, but it does not seem to uninstall, though I can see the "setup.exe /silentuninstall" running (remotely, via the SCM Client Center". But at one point, it rebooted the system, and now it still shows that setup.exe /silentuninstall still running.